Big Mamma Dilemma

I tried to think about the ramifications of a year without buying and naturally some things got left out. For instance, the Mother of All dilemmas slipped my mind. I knew my artwork was going to be reproduced in a book but I didn't know that I would make the cover! And so I face my first huge problem. I've managed to avoid buying tupperware and alarm clocks and all sorts of things to make my life easier. But can I bring myself to give up this bit of vanity? In a few months we'll know. Bill says that if his work appears in print, damn any compact. Ah, how easy it is to sell your soul to the devil! Hey--is that sulfur I smell?


Amy said...

Here is your solution: I buy the book and trade it too you for some pretty things! Seriously! Let me know!

---MARILYN DAMSCHEN--- said...

Ack...just when I was getting inspired by your Compact...and this is your last post? Whaaa. Found your writing almost as inspiring as your art work. So how would you summarize the year in retrospect? I struggle with so many of the same concerns.