Unfamiliar Jingle

My wallet is singing a new tune. There's an unfamiliar "jingle" to my step. It's cash. I can't get rid of it. Between no purchases in the last 14 days and bringing my own mug to work for hot beverages, the money I took out of the bank is growing moss. My former money mindlessness is replaced by awareness, and even more exciting; the possibility of harnessing my jingle for a bigger cause. The urge to spend is a constant companion but it's merely a habit born out over many years. Similarly, the need to be nibbling hasn't gone away. I've just replaced cookies and candy with their lower-carb brethren--nuts and green tea.

You would think this would be enough to work on for one year. But alas, in another cost-cutting measure handed down from our inner scrooge, we are venturing toward the Luddite border. It's not quite that bad--the Internet is alive and well at our house. But my mobile "habit" has been nipped in the bud with the forfeiture of my Treo universe. No more driving while thumbtexting emails. My phone is mostly just a phone now. Ouch.

And thus, having been deprived of the constant stream of exciting, synapses-popping experiences, I have to find other uses for my mental energy. I believe I can learn to better appreciate the stimulation I do get by slowing down inbetween and digesting my life.

As for the jingle, I'd better hide it from my teenagers. That's a tune they're sure to recognize and want to dance to.


Hum & Aepha said...

thank you for this.

chosha said...

Oh yes, I'm sure they'll have no problem at all finding a jingle dance. Strange isn't is, how accustomed we become to spending money as soon as it arrives in our pockets. That money now gathering moss in your pocket can stay and jingle while your back balance grows - think of the possibilities!!!

Anonymous said...

You need to pass on any information on how to keep this moss (green, you know) growing in your pocket. I need to learn that lesson as well. (From someone you know quite well).