MCY : The Zine

Since I am an artsy type and a mail art glutton, I've turned this blog into a personal zine. Ish #1 is ready to mail--all 24 pages. It's a reprint of blog entries interspersed with some funky collages like the ones here. If you want one, simply send me a fun postcard or mail art of any kind with your address visible and the word "compact" somewhere on it and I'll send you MCY The Zine in return. It's a quarter sheet-sized black-and-white photocopied rag, but it's mine. And it can be yours too! Think of all the recycled bits here from my stash! Even the text is recycled! Mail to ephemeral alchemy at post office box 1092 in holland, michigan with a zip of 49422-1092. That's not so hard now, is it? I should add that the offer will be limited if I'm deluged. Don't email me or leave a comment requesting a zine--I want mail art, so gimme some! Tit for tat my friend.

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