Fearing What We Don't Understand

Working from the theory that understanding my consumption "problem" will help me overcome it, I've gathered a pile of reading for this undertaking. Grabbed off the library shelf today: "Consuming Desires : Consumption, Culture and the Pursuit of Happiness" by Rosenblatt, "Spree : A Cultural History of Shopping" by Klaffke, "I Want That : How We All Became Shoppers" by Hine, and "Call of the Mall" by Underhill. I also picked up "Sleeping With Extra-Terrestrials : The Rise of Irrationalism and Perils of Piety" by Kaminer, which has absolutely nothing to do with consumer habits but may relate in some small way to my "book issue." At least I have found interesting reading material at the library and avoided Barnes & Noble (aka the crack store). I'm hoping to find some insights here. Although understanding is not the same as action, it may spur some kind of self-talk to help me get through the bleaker moments of not consuming.

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